Kaufman ThinFilm 445 is a high quality, concrete curing compound specially designed for both highways and commercial construction.  White pigmented ThinFilm’s contain pure titanium dioxide pigment to reflect the heat of the sun.  Krystal 25 OTC is a state of the art oil based acrylic curing compound. It will cure, harden, dustproof and seal concrete surfaces.  It provides and alternative to solvent based materials where fumes may be objectionable.  FormKote OTC – an economical, VOC compliant, chemical release agent.  It meets the requirements of the Ozone Transport Commission and may be used in all areas that adhere to those standards.  All ThinFilm products may be used on curbs and gutters, sidewalk, driveways and runways.

Scenic Road 2 Wheel Turf Tire Wheelbarrow

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